The Cloth Bag

He tied a small bag of the finest cloth around her neck

Filled with the most delicate sand, every colour she could have ever imagined. Microscopic beads of brilliant glass.

She gladly wore it with pride because it was the most precious gift she’d ever hoped to receive.

But as the years passed, with the power of words left unspoken, the immense pressure turned the sand into a dense black rock, so heavy it had its own gravitational pull.

As her back bent under its magnificent weight, she cowered and grew smaller and smaller until one day the pull ripped her once brilliant soul out out out from behind her eyes and into the bag which by now was tattered and worn. Doomed to orbit the black dense rock forevermore, whilst her soulless body continued to shuffle along, buckling under the weight of what was once the most beautiful gift she’d ever been given, remembering a glimmer that once lay behind her eyes.

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