Bye January!


How is it February already?! Crazy.

January’s been quite the busy little month! I’ve managed to cross quite a few things off of my 2017 Wish list already, and made some good progress on others that are long term goals:

Mental Wealth

  • Create a blog
  • Make a commitment to regular Yoga & Meditation practice – set your intentions. A few weeks ago I discovered the Uni’s prayer room, and I’ve been going in there every day on my lunch break for 15 minutes. I’ve only fallen asleep once 😉
  • Go to the cinema on your own!! I went to see La La Land and it was amazing and I cried happy tears. I had people sitting next to me on both sides though and it kind of bummed me out a little.

Physical Wealth

  • Quit Smoking! Ok so I haven’t completely quit smoking just yet but I am going days and days at a time without one. I’ll be writing a progress post on how it feels to be quitting and owning up to people/situations that trigger cravings.
  • Stop buying Costa coffee – bring it from home! I have treated myself to one Costa coffee this month but I’m getting better at remembering to take my own with me. I’ve been drinking more green & peppermint tea as well.
  • Give climbing another go. I’ll be uploading a post soon on my first climbing session of the year J
  • Complete one run for charity
    • 5k – I have signed up for a Colour Obstacle Run in the summer!! It’s going to be so much fun. Here’s a picture from the one I did a few years ago
  • Use that free gym membership! Lift the heavy things and put them back down and LIFT THEM AGAIN!!! I’ve been to the gym once this month. Which is a 100% improvement on Nov/Dec last year. Baby steps.

Life Wealth

  • Less TV, more productive activities: Reading – I’ve started reading more on my lunch breaks and bus journey to/from work and I’ve nearly finished one of the (many) books about feminism that I got for Christmas! I’ll be writing a review when I’ve finished.
  • Start a blog – organise your life!! Don’t need to publish it just yet, get used to writing things down and chronicling your journey! You love writing! HELLO!!!
  • Make one new good friend: I went for tea with an excellent new friend and had a great afternoon! We’ll be meeting up again this week. Doing things that scare you usually turn out to be the least scary and most nourishing experiences.
  • Donate blood! Wasn’t nearly as scary/painful as I expected it to be, and I finally found out my blood type and got a new life mantra- B+!!
  • Go to (at least) one fine arts event each month – e.g. a concert or gallery event
    • I went to see The Royal Ballet perform The Nutcracker at the start of January and it. was. fabulous.
    • Ok so The Pretty Reckless might not be ‘fine arts’ but they’re still pretty amazing and I got to go with my girls and have the BEST night J
    • I also went to a seminar on changing the way humans view non-human animals


Anxiety/Depression check in

Overall, January has been a great month. I had a brief low point at the start of the month going back to work, becoming very aware that as much as I love the people that I work with, the job itself is not satisfying or mentally challenging anymore and I’m bored a lot of the time. I spent a few weeks wallowing over it, but now there are some applications that I’m working on and I’m trying not to get my hopes up *too* much over them (but I secretly am).

Sometimes you need to give yourself a good talking to, to keep yourself from stagnating.

I’ve generally been really proud of myself this month. I’ve done a lot of new things and I hope to keep that momentum going into next month. I’ve spent some quality time by myself, and felt much more grounded than I did towards the end of last year. I’ve found that my anxiety is at an all-time low, especially around new people which is great!!

I am into my 6th month of being chemical free – no antidepressants/anxiety, no synthetic hormones (I got the Copper Coil, might do a post on my experiences) and I honestly have never felt better or more in touch with my mind and body.

February Plans

This Month I will be moving house! Myself, Leanne and my partner are moving to a big Victorian house, and there’s enough space for me to have a yoga/meditation room and actually dedicate time to my practice so that I can get ready to do my teacher training.

So. Toodles, January. It’s been a blast 🙂

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