2017 Wishlist


As 2016 was drawing to a close, I looked back and confirmed the sneaking suspicion that I’ve had for, well, most of my life: I am NOT very good at managing my life.

Instead of just getting depressed and hiding (my usual go-to remedy when these suspicions arise) I decided that a proactive approach would be better. So I decided to write a list. This wouldn’t be your typical New Year’s Resolutions list filled with desperation-soaked, pressure-riddled, vaguely-worded rules screaming “I MUST SOMEHOW BE BETTER OR ELSE!” which would inevitably buckle under its own immense pressure in the first week or two. No! This would be a flowing list of wishes, nudges, manageable morsels of goals that I think would help me to live this year and future years in a much ‘wealthier’ way.  I’m now ready and looking to cultivate a ‘wealthier’ life – so I’ve split my list into three sections: Mental Wealth, Physical Wealth and Life Wealth….

…and here it is! My 2017 Wishlist. I’ll be tweaking it throughout the year so let me know what you think!

Mental Wealth

  • Create a blog
  • Make a commitment to regular Yoga & Meditation practice – set your intentions
  • Choose to ignore your inside voice/monkey brain
    • Cut yourself some slack when the monkey wins
  • Less gossip/complaining, more conversation/encouraging
  • Check negative thoughts about yourself and others
  • Make time to be with yourself. Show yourself lots of compassion.
    • Go to the cinema on your own!!
    • Take a trip!!
  • Take responsibility for your own health. You deserve the best health, physical AND mental
  • Be kind to yourself – remind yourself daily how great you are. Don’t listen to the little voice that has it’s doubts about that.
  • Practice patience, cultivate calm

Physical Wealth

  • Get more sleep!
  • Quit Smoking!
    • Read inspirational things from successful quitters/find specific tips for your stage/remind yourself of the health benefits
  • Drink more water
  • Eat three meals a day, every day
    • (Healthy) snacks are not your enemy
    • Get a Nicer Dicer and stop making excuses that you take forever to prep veggies.
    • Eat more fruit! You love smoothies!
    • Meal prep. Try it for one week, reap the benefits, try again for many more weeks
    • Less food waste
  • Stop buying Costa coffee – bring it from home!!
    • While you’re at it, cut down on caffeine, more green tea instead!
  • Complete one 30 day challenge
    • do lots more!
  • Give climbing another go
  • Complete one run for charity
    • 5k
    • 10k
    • Wolf Run
    • Tough Mudder
  • Use that free gym membership! Lift the heavy things and put them back down and LIFT THEM AGAIN!!!
  • Choose to take the stairs

Life Wealth

  • Create a ‘Good things’ jar – write good memories down and save for next year 😀
  • Your time is worth more than Netflix and day napping
  • Less TV, more productive activities
    • Reading
    • Cleaning
    • Organising
    • Learning
    • Games
    • Being out of the house doing anything
      • Walks!
    • Socialise!
  • Start a blog – organise your life!! Don’t need to publish it just yet, get used to writing things down and chronicling your journey! You love writing!
  • Say ‘YES’ more and follow through with plans
  • Follow up your words with ACTIONS!! Do what you say you’re going to!!
    • OR if you secretly know you’re not going to, don’t say it for the attention and then bail because of the pressure. Know your limits!!
  • Make one new good friend
    • Make lots more
  • Find a new job that you enjoy
  • Complete Intro to Counselling Course
  • Never. Stop. Learning!
    • TED talks, articles, journals (Pictures of animals are great but they don’t up your IQ)
  • Up your relationship game ❤
  • Cultivate relationships with your family
  • Be honest with yourself and others
    • You CAN say NO!
  • Learn new words
    • Read challenging books from new genres
  • Take some risks – dare to have fun!!
  • Face your fears, that’s where all the growth is.
  • You don’t need new things, you need new experiences
    • Track your spending
    • Go to Centre Parks with Holly
  • GIVE BACK! Be ACTIVE in your Activism
    • Volunteer
    • Donate
      • Donate blood!
    • Protest
  • Go to Brighton & Hove Pride
  • Acts of kindness
  • Stop half-assing lots of things, whole-ass one thing at a time
  • Go somewhere new
  • Go to (at least) one fine arts event each month – e.g. a concert or gallery event
  • Go to a dentist. Come on.
    • Go to the opticians. Come on.
      • Wear your glasses more often. Come on.
    • Talk to strangers
    • TREAT YO SELF!! Reward achievements

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